What is the “Only Project”?

At the occasion of the 10th edition of Only Watch and the beginning of a first safety phase trial launched thanks to the funds raised by our charity, the Association Monégasque contre les Myopathies has decided to create a new identity to regroup all projects it supports under one banner and a new, more international, colorful, modern identity:

The “Only Project”

As a reminder, the Only Project’s actions are focused on: 

  • Organizing key conversations (roundtables, collaborative and research programs) for researchers from around the world to share knowledge and accelerate breakthroughs;  
  • Financially supporting dozens of research projects with the goal of reaching and refining therapeutic outcome for DMD.

The logo, created by French designer Antoine Peltier with the charity’s team, is inspired by the shape of chromosomes and features a well-balanced set of colors each referencing an important component of this adventure: 

  • The “research” blue 
  • The “trustful” green
  • The “community” orange. 


Please refer to the page “Projects & Community” to learn more.